Keeping up with the Kardashians – 7/15/12

In this week’s episode of KUWTK, Kim goes to the UK to launch her new fragrance, True Reflection. If this perfume is in fact a true reflection of what the Kardashians smell like, then it will undoubtedly sell itself. Kim invites presumably gay BFF Jonathan Cheban with her to London for company, and graciously shows him each of the 50 clothing articles that her boyfriend Kanye West sent her. How generous of Kanye to send Kim all those clothes from his own clothing line in exchange for some free advertising.

Scott and Rob go to the UK to visit Kim and make an appearance at a club. Scott has an epiphany that he needs an official title to further prove that he is better than everyone else, so he learns how to become an official Lord of the Manor. He partakes in a ceremony, which consists of making a pledge.

“I, scott Disick affirm that I will be faithful, and bear true respect and honor to the people of the manor, and be true to the laws of England and Whales. Amen. “

He is then welcomed to the eternal brotherhood of the lords.

Bruce and Kris bicker about Kris’ new Rolls Royce, thus setting up this week’s theme to be centered around Bruce’s short fuse. He gets lunch with Khloe and Kourtney to complain about his wife, and the consensus between the sisters is that Kris is mean to Bruce and Bruce deserves better. Bruce seems to agree.

Khloe: You’re peoples’ favorite

Bruce: I know

Khloe: People love you

Bruce: I know

Across the pond, Kim brings Jonathan to her perfume launch at a night club, and Jonathan feels ignored. Then Jonathan follows Kim to the mall for her signing, where he still feels ignored. Later that evening, he snaps about the fact that he doesn’t get to pick any of their activities, and he storms off. The worlds smallest violin plays in the background whiles Kim appeases Jonathan and tells him they can do whatever he wants. Jonathan’s choice: a glass bubble ferris wheel.

Khloe gets sucked into going to Boston with Kris and Bruce. Bruce goes to his book signing while Kris and Khloe get lunch together to gossip about Bruce; A true example of what a healthy marriage looks like. Kris says that Bruce has a crazy temper. Khloe is skeptical, but Kris tells her that that she will try to be nicer to Bruce this evening, and Khloe will see that Bruce will still act like a jerk. Challenge accepted.

Scott celebrates his Lordship with some high tea and a shopping royal garb shopping spree. Rob and Scott go to a bar but the lord doesn’t want to associate with any of the commoners. He grabs the mic and shouts “Lord Disick in this bitch right now!” Thanks for representing America so well, Scott.

While Khloe and Kris get glammed up for their event that evening, Bruce’s true colors start to show when he rushes them through their prep. After some rude comments, Bruce stands by the door and practically forces them out. Off to the Gypsy club they go. A hesitant Kris is reluctant to get out of the car in the pouring rain, and Bruce tells her to “get the f*** out of the car.” Busted. Turns out Kris is right, Bruce’s skin was pulled so tightly around his face that he actually went nuts.

When they get home from Boston, Bruce apologizes to Kris for being mean, and magically, the problem is solved. The two of them live happily ever after. When Scott returns home from London, Kourtney reminds Scott that she is queen of their home, and he is no longer royalty. Scott learns the true meaning of life, and they also live happily ever after.

Will Kris and Bruce learn to get along? What fake problem will be featured in next week’s episode? Does Kim actually get to keep any of the clothes Kanye sent her? Only time will tell.

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