Dance Moms – 6/26/12

This week’s episode kicks off with Abby Lee Miller yelling at the young ladies for coming in second place at the competition in their group routine. If you’re not first you’re last, just ask Abby Lee.

sisters Paige and Brooke Hyland are on the bottom of the pyramid this week because they’re on probation. Dance jail, if you will. Nia Frazier, Chloe Lukasiak, and Maddie Ziegler are on the second tier of the pyramid, and cutie little baby Mackenzie Ziegler made it to the top this time. She’s so little, I want to eat her. What’s more, Mackenzie did so well in her solo, she gets invited to do the group dance.

Brooke asks Abby if she’s allowed to go to her first formals dance and miss next week’s competition. Abby says okay, but reminds us that “everyone is replaceable.” To prove this point, she recruits Payton Ackerman to take Brooke’s place at the Starpower competition. Payton looks about 50 compared to the little girls. Embarrassing, especially because the little girls are better than her.

Outside of the studio, Kelly Hyland, Brooke’s mom, breaks down into hysterics when she sees her daughter trying on a formal dress. Hopefully Brooke never gets married because I think Kelly would literally die during the dress fitting.

Melissa Ziegler, Maddie’s mom, accuses Payton of bullying Maddie, and chaos ensues between Chloe’s mom, Christi Lukasiak, Maddie’s mom, Melissa Ziegler, and Peyton’s mom, Leslie Ackerman. Nia’s mom, Holly Frazier, is the only one with a rational point, and gives a sensible explanation of what bullying is. They quickly bite her head off. She should know that practicality and reason will not be tolerated in the group of dance moms.

Abby choreographs Chloe’s solo to a song  called “What Goes Around Comes Around.” She says that Chloe needs to learn that “what goes around comes around” because her mom Christi is out of line. Makes sense why Chloe has to learn the lesson.

Abby calls Maddie and her mom to come in at 8am, and explains to them that the Starpower competition is so big that it takes place in two separate auditoriums. Abby’s plan is to enter Maddie into competitions at both locations to optimize her chances of getting a title. Famous last words: This is our little secret.

Payton breaks her finger and is forbidden to wear her splint during the performance. Abby’s reasoning: Someone fell off a cliff and chewed their arm off, and they were okay.

Poor baby Mckenzie messes up during the competition and slips off someones back, and the Abby Lee Miller group performance misses first place by a minuscule one-tenth of a point.

Chloe gets nervous right before her solo, but ends up doing a really good job. Maddie does her solo to a song called “Looking for a Place Like Home,” and of course gives a stellar performance. Chloe wins second runner up, and Maddie wins Junior Miss Starpower. SURPRISE SURPRISE.

After taking the gold at the first competition, Maddie rushes over to the neighboring high school to perform another solo to a song called “Cry.” I didn’t cry while I was watching it, but I think she did really good. Apparently the judges did too becuase Maddie also wins first place in the second competition. What a lucky lady.

Chloe’s mom Christi blames Chloe’s shortcomings on the fact that her choreography was lame and didn’t compare to Maddie’s choreography. I somewhat agree with her, but I think Christi needs to zip it.

Will Chloe ever get first place material choreography? Will Mackenize get to do another group routine? Will everyone resent Maddie for sneakily competing at both locations? Tune in next week.

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