Mrs. Eastwood and Company – 6/24/12

This week on MEAC, Dina’s music band, Overtones, perform an African song about Shosholoza. I don’t know what this word means but I like to shout it out loud every now and again, it’s quite liberating.  After the concert, the execs of the band meet up to discuss band member Eduard Leonard’s sexuality.

They find Eddie weeping in his room covered in blood. It was like his body was there but he wasn’t even there, according to Emile Welman, the founder of Overtones. Eddie cut his wrists in response the pain of being forbidden to enter into a relationship with fellow band member Riaan Hunter.

Meanwhile, Tyler ShieldsFrancesca Eastwood’s boyfriend, sits down with Dina’s brother Dominic Ruiz to talk about the chaos that ensued at Dina’s house in Maui. During the meeting, Tyler defends his past as a ninja, his world record for not sleeping for 40 days straight, his ability to hold his breath for four minutes, that he is a world champion skater, and that he killed a wild boar with nothing but a knife at age seven.

After this preliminary meeting, Tyler has a secondary meeting with Dina, Francesca, and Dominic on a non-partisan island somewhere away from Dina’s world, just as he wished. This time, he blames his unacceptable behavior on his rough upbringing. He confesses that he is not, in fact, a real medical doctor despite such claims, and Dina pretends to forgive him. The four of them share in a really awkward hug, and Dina warns Fran to keep her eyes “wide” open. Well played Dina.

Eddie visits a therapist with Dina, and they hold his hand and watch him cry. I should have been a therapist. The band meets up and agrees to stop being mean about Eddie’s sexual orientation.

Will Riaan and Eddie end up together? What will the band think? Will Eddie ever find a real psychiatrist? Will Francesca ever trade in her ninja boyfriend for the likes of an honorable samurai?

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