Keeping up with the Kardashians – 6/24/12

This week on KUWTK, Kris heads out in her Liza Minnelli costume to meet with her ex, Todd Waterman; way to impress. On her way to the reunion, Kris comes to her senses and turns the car around. It appears that she forgets to tell Todd she changed her mind, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out. Or, perhaps they never actually arranged a meeting in the first place, hmm.

The family decides to go to the Dominican Republic for the family vacation, and Kim does her best monkey impression to express her excitement. Very eloquent Kimmy, and talk about an impression that impresses.

Bruce takes Scott to a  speedway for a fun outing, but then Scott gets sad and runs away because Bruce has the nerve to introduce Scott as his “friend,” when they are obviously in love.

Kourtney’s “indecisiveness” causes Kim to miss her flight to the DR. To me, it sounded like Kourtney decided she wanted to meet up with everyone a few days later, but to the Kardashians, it means that she can’t make a decision. Kim was super pissed about her missed flight. It’s too bad she can’t afford a private jet, wait.

Kris is overjoyed when she sees Khloe arrive; what a surprise! I’m sure as executive producer of the show, she had no idea.

Bruce meets a fella named Eric on the golf course and thinks Kim would be attracted to his five figure salary and average body. Bruce invites Eric over to dinner, but Kim gets mad and tells Bruce to disinvite him. Don’t flatter yourself Kim; I doubt Eric would even be interested in you now you have cornrows.

Some of the more youthful Kardashians form a “tribe” and dragged Kris down the stairs and then threw her into the pool. I guess it’s their way of saying “screw you for paying for this mansion in the Dominican Republic, Kris.” You tell ‘em girls. Kris claims that the girls broke her toe, which I doubt, but I do feel bad for her; her kids suck.

Scott forces Mason to lie in the sun and tan so that he looks hotter, and the theme of Kourtney’s indecisiveness rages on. Apparently, not wanting to go skeet shooting while you are pregnant is another form of indecisiveness. They really drive this point home when they film Kourtney asking whether or not she should order some clothes online, and struggling to decide between pizza and pasta for dinner. She should be ashamed of herself.

While everyone is seated at the dinner table, Kourtney accuses Kris of meeting up with Todd Waterman. Awkward. Bruce is first to leave the table, and then everyone abandons Kris, leaving just her and her perfectly gelled quiff to sit and think about what they’ve done.

What are your thoughts? Was Kris wrong to give Todd her contact info in the first place? Will Mason look hotter with a tan? Are Kim’s corn rows what attracted Kanye?

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