So You Think You Can Dance – 6/20/12

On tonight’s episode, the hopefuls continue their auditions in Las Vegas including a solo round, a group dance choreographed by the group themselves, and an overwhelming amount of partner routines choreographed by the professionals.

In one of the partner rounds, Rachel Applehans, the talentless Lindsey Lohan look alike is asked to leave. Somehow, she convinces some of the judges that she is a star (more like porn star) and they let her “dance for her life”. If she was literally dancing for her life she would have been murdered, but she is just sent home.

Janelle Issisthe belly dancer, continues to slip through the cracks, as I can only classify  her skill level in her own genre as none.

A few fake orgasms from Adam ShankmanTyce Diorio, and Sonya Tayeh as they watch some masterful solos and pretend to understand them on a deeper level than everyone else.

Poor bacon-loving Danielle Dominguez gets kicked in the head during a partner dance she volunteers to do after her own audition is over. She is then sent home after spending most of the evening at the hospital and messing up the group dance.

During the group dance, Alexa Anderson’s dead soul continues to stay dead behind her dead eyes and she is reprimanded by Tyce and loud-mouth Mary. They make her cry, but it turns her eyes into a most extraordinary shade of blue. She later receives high praise for her efforts during one of the partner rounds thanks to her winks and kissy faces. She’s worth her weight in gold, Jerry!

Aubrey Klinger, the girl with pink hair, does a pretty good job in one of the partner rounds and gets sent home right after, further proving my theory that your looks have to be at least a “7″ if you want to make it anywhere on this show.

Cyrus Spencer, the last remaining guy from the “Dragon House” is the last man standing from his adult orphanage, but gets asked to dance for his life. He obviously is going to do well in his own style, so I don’t really understand the point of this, but whatever, Nigel.

Joshua Alexander sticks the landing of his back flip perfectly on his back and gets carried away on a stretcher. Tough break, no pun intended.

In total, 35 dancers remain, and 15 will be eliminated in next week’s episode.

Who thinks Danielle should have been given another chance? Will Alexa finally make it to the top 20 this time around? Will Joshua Alexander ever be able to dance again? Will Aubrey ever find work? Will Cyrus prove to the judges that he can grow in other genres? Only time will tell.

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